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"I’m loving Yulia's 2-step enrollment system. So simple and works amazingly well! 

Thanks to this system, I enrolled 12 high ticket clients and generated $40,000 in 30 days! 

I used to dread my discovery calls because I’d talk to a guy for 2+ hours and find out he lacks money or desire. I'm now able to screen my prospects better, which save me a lot of time, yet still allows me to serve the people I talk to. 

More time to enroll the best guys for me. Brilliant stuff!" 

- Connell Barrett, Dating Coach

“Before working with Yulia, my webinar, my landing page, and even my scheduler were a complete mess. 

My webinar didn’t make sense. My landing page alone was enough to deter potential clients.  

Yulia has helped me build my whole funnel to start attracting high-paying clients – from webinar and landing pages, through to my enrollment process and professional YouTube channel that converts.  

I’m really glad I found Yulia and I’m not sure where I would be without her.”  

- Kevin Burciaga, Empowered Eating System Coach