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  • The BEST way for you to attract more clients now and reach your income goals.

Some Client Results ... 

$47K In 30 Days ...

"I’m loving Yulia's 2-step enrollment strategy. So simple and works amazingly well! 

Thanks to this system, I enrolled 11 high ticket clients and generated $47,000 in 30 days! 

I used to dread my discovery calls because I’d talk to a guy for 2+ hours and find out he lacks money or desire. I'm now able to screen my prospects better, which save me a lot of time, yet still allows me to serve the people I talk to. 

More time to enroll the best guys for me. Brilliant stuff!

- Connell Barrett, Dating Coach

 $45K Within 90 Days As A Health Coach ...  

"I've finished all 3 months of your program and there are many big wins to share: I've automated a lot of content inside my coaching program, I'm seeing more calls booked and I can enroll more clients into our program at any time now as you helped us move away from launches and build a leveraged coaching program.  

We generated over $45,000 in 90 days using your strategy with no advertising! Automating the content inside my program will allow me to spend more time in the future with my daughter and my husband, so this is liberating.  

Your program has been life changing for us as raw food health coaches in France. Thank you and I'm thrilled to discover that there is more to come!!'  

- Karolina Bocko, Raw Food Health Coach

Celebrating $5K In 30 Days

"I've done a lot of things to make my health coaching business work - hired coaches, did programs and courses, however I still had issues with generating the revenue I wanted.  

In a matter of weeks of working with Yulia, my whole business was transformed.  

I generated $5K in the first 30 days of launching my new health coaching offer.  

I've never seen as many clients book calls with me, my engagement is high, I've raised my coaching prices by 10 times, restructured my whole business and I'm continuously enrolling more clients with less calls.  

Working with Yulia was the best decision I've ever made!'  

- Michele Martinez, Health Coach

I Signed 3 New Clients!

“Before working with Yulia, I was really struggling to fit in my clients and work with them face to face, especially as a busy mum. I knew going online would be ideal for my family-work balance, but I had no idea where to start.  

From not knowing what to do, to having my online coaching program in place, as well as strategies to market myself and attract clients – all this happened in a matter of just weeks.  

But that’s not all–I increased my prices and already signed up 3 clients!  

I’m not a very tech minded person at all, but every single step was explained very clearly. Yulia was knowledgeable and helpful, and got me very clear on exactly what I needed to do. She kept me on track and accountable, was positive and supportive throughout.  

Now I have all I need in place to continue growing my business and attracting more paid clients.  

I think if you were unsure, I would say go for it! Just imagine where you could be in 6 month’s time - the future is yours!"  

- Gemma Richardson, Women's Health Coach and Pelvic Floor Specialist.  

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